Take me to Paris



Paris- Lana Del Rey

Baby say goodnight 
Text me when you get home safetly 
Like you always did 
When we was first dating 

You sitting in your office dreaming of a different life 
You say you wanna make me smile and see my wild side 
If we don't leave town now 
We're never gonna get out of here alive 
I'm walking home from school my thoughts aredrifting into space 
Why don't we leave tonight and take off to a different place 
Don't tell my daddy why gotta get on that place and just fly 

Take me to Paris 
Let's go there and never look back 
Paris, we can be crazy like that 
You're such a naughty boy 
Why you taking that polaroid 
Put on a show you'll enjoy 
Take me to Paris 

I wanna be that fantasy that you got on your mind 
Flying across the sea to somewhere that they'll never find 
We should go out while we young 
Cause one day we will wondering why 
Our time in Paris 
Take me to movies and salons 
Paris, make out in a dark restaurant 
Will dance until we die 
Wanna go out every night 
Promise we won't say goodbye 

Walking through the streets at dawn 
We dance by empty carousels 
Singing about the sacre coure 
And climbing up the Tour Eiffel 
Under the stars 
We are ,we are dreaming 

Promise we won't say goodbye 



我們要去Paris時穿!!已經想好了,穿繃帶洋裝配太陽眼鏡 平底鞋走在Avenue des Champs-Élysées上優雅逛街,哈哈我真的好愛做夢

明天終於要去辦簽證了 :)






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