After studying in Germany for over half a year, I finally visited Berlin. I love Berlin very very much. It is totally different from any other city in Germany. Berlin is ugly but very charming and crazy. I was here working as a volunteer of DMY international design festival, and being a tourist ofc. The first impression of ppl in Berlin I would say, they dress dark but very simple and cool. Parisians dress whole black as well but they are more feminine, elegant and a bit arrogance in my opinion. Berliners' outfits are whole black but in a more masculine, street, and a bit punk way. I got the same feeling in London Aldgate Market area as well, but its not really the same tho. Berliners made me feel distance yet young and cool. Typical styles can be easily reached, such as simple tights with big shirt, scarf and a gentry hat perhaps, or multi-layer black outfits with military boots. It is definitely not a cliched fashion city filled with fancy, luxury haute couture and people. I love it so much, even though it's weird and a bit creepy, but thats why people are crazy about it.


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