Den Haag Scheveningen Beach


We skipped the classes and went to Netherlands for five days in mid- November. ;) The first thing comes up to my mind now about Netherlands is the super freezing weather! I took these shots at the beach of Den Haag. It's one of the most famous beaches in Netherlands, but because of the weather, nobody was around here actually. We miss the ocean a lot, thats why we insisted on coming here, and we were crazy, thats true. But anyway, I felt happy to see the ocean and beach again. And thank Jessica and Sophie for helping me take these nice pics in such a crazy weather! Love you guys. <3
And Netherlands is really really beautiful, Ill post more pics later!

這是我們最近一次旅行,翹課跑到荷蘭玩了5天,荷蘭好冷比德國冷好多,回來德國突然覺得好溫暖哈哈,這是在海牙的海邊,好久沒看到海很想念海,所以我們決定即使天氣很冷也要來海邊看海,不過還沒走到海邊就已經受不了了(笑,我也是冒著寒風拍完這些照片!!!感謝Jessica和Sophie幫我拍這些照片,好喜歡 (:


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