Took those shots in front our hostel about one week ago in Florence. We went on a two-week trip from Austria to Italy which was super nice and memorable. We did especially enjoy our vacation in Italy cause the weather was beautiful, the food was fantastic and we finally could wear something summer! Of course we ate a lot of yummy ice cream and drank Italian cafe everyday. In these days we've been to Rome, Florence and Milan. Well Florence would be my favorite city in this journey i think, even though we only stayed there for 2 nights. We were like crazy about this city since the moment we jumped off the train. I will come back again to this beautiful city thats for sure! And I love my new lace dress which's randomly found in H&M as well. Nice weather, nice dress, nice food, nice life. ;)


  1. <3 <3 <3 ......Buddy

  2. Love your dress! Great blog, want to follow each other?



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